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First Business Channel is a Ukrainian News Channel that targets those who often have to make decisions such as managers, businessmen, economists and politicians, public figures. The Channel offers expert financial market forecasting in business news and other analytical programs. Here top Ukrainian and foreign journalists discuss financial matters with chief business and economics commentators.
FBC’s own product takes 95% of the broadcasting time retaining its leading position in the Business television of Ukraine. More than 30 programs cover current issues in the Ukrainian and global economy and the potential audience reaches 14 million viewers.
The legal name of FBC is "Ukrainian independent TV company" Private joint-stock company “Zagrava” licensed to broadcast by the National Television and Radio broadcasting Council of Ukraine.
FBC’s Coverage
FBC broadcasts in digital and analog television transitions of more than 400 TV cable operators. That makes 90% of all the cable network system in Ukraine. It can be received and watched with АМОS-2 Satellite in the Central and Eastern Europe, Canada and the Baltic Countries or on www.fbc.net.ua for more than 100 websites of the CIS and Europe.

Satellite net service:


 Satellite Monitor research notes that AMOS-2 coverage in Ukraine is 2.4 million households.


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